Code of Conduct (Players)

Players Code of Conduct
Players are the most important people in the sport of football. Playing for enjoyment as a member of a team is the most fundamental part of the game. Whilst winning is the objective, it is not to be achieved at any cost – Fair Play and respect for all others in the game is essential. 

This Code focuses on players involved in team football. Nevertheless, the key concepts in the Code are valid for players at all levels. 

  1. Play football to enjoy yourself, and accept that striving to win is more important than winning itself. Victory and defeat are inevitable, and should be accepted equally 
  2. Understand and abide by the laws, rules and spirit of the game and any competition in which you participate 
  3. Players will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times, never condone violations of the laws of the game or exhibit behaviour contrary to the spirit of the laws of the game 
  4. Consistently display high standards of behaviour 
  5. Respect the wishes and directions of your coach 
  6. Respect the referees decisions at all times 
  7. Treat opponents with due respect at all times, and avoid words or actions that may mislead a match official 
  8. No offensive, abusive or insulting remarks shall be made toward any other player, official or parent 
  9. Display a good attitude at training and on match days 
10. Players will turn up for matches in advance of kick-off and training as directed by the team manager 
11. No jewellery is to be worn by players during matches or training 
12. Club kit is only to be worn for matches 
13. Football boots must in a good and safe condition 
14. Players must wear shin pads during matches and training  
15. Inform the coach when you have an injury 
16. Ensure that all requisite forms are filled in correctly 
17. Pay any subscriptions or fees on time 
18. Encourage your team mates – you cannot win a game on your own.

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